Youth Shotgun Summer Camp



June 19-20, July 10-11


Youth summer camp designed to teach students the basics of shotgun handling and safety, while getting professional coaching on how to shoot multiple different disciplines.

Who it's for:

Kids 13-18 years of age who are looking for a fun and interactive summer camp that will dive into the fun sport of shotgun shooting


Required Gear & Equipment:

shotgun & ammo


ages 13-18 ONLY


This youth shotgun summer camp will be guided and taught by our professional shotgun shooters, Madison Sharpe and Trevor Jensen. In this two day camp children will learn shotgun safety and the fundamentals of how shotguns functions. Other topics that the group will cover will be mounting, gun fitment, stance, and eye dominance. Then the group will dive into different shotgun shooting techniques. Students will also get in depth knowledge into multiple shotgun disciplines with highlights on sporting clays, super sporting, 5-stand, trap, and skeet. This camp is an amazing opportunity for children to get coaching from seasoned professional shotgun shooters that have competed around the world.

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Meet the Instructors: 

Madison Sharpe-

Madison Sharpe, a native of South Carolina, is a professional sporting clay shooter and instructor that coaches all disciplines of clay target shooting. Growing up in a family that values the outdoors and hunting, she found a love for clay shooting that ultimately turned into a career. Since then, Madison has won many titles that include World, US Open, regional, and state. She is also a 4x member of Team USA. In October of 2023, she won her first National Championship! Her passion is sharing the value that she found in the sport with others. When Madison is not thinking about shooting, she is thinking about her next waterfowl hunting excursion.

Trevor Jensen-

Trevor Jensen is a professional sporting clay shooter and instructor that grew up in Arizona. His passions include all clay target sports, hunting, and archery. He is a NRA and NSCA certified instructor that is a 4x team USA Member with multiple National and World champion titles. Trevor is committed to seeing the youth clay shooting sports grow, along with getting others involved with the outdoors. Trevor has been involved with the local youth shooting team for years and was titled as head coach for multiple years. If Trevor’s not shooting clay targets, he is planning his next adventure out west.


Age Requirement: 

13 to 18 years old



June 19th-20th

July 10th-11th

(each day will be from 9am to 4pm)



$950 per person


  • professional instruction/coaching
  • all clays thrown
  • lunch provided both days
  • snacks and water
  • golf cart rentals

*ammo available for purchase at clubhouse