Pistol, Carbine, & Defensive Shotgun

Private Pistol or Defensive Shotgun Instruction

private lesson with experienced pistol & Defensive Shotgun instructor at our private range in Dripping Springs. Available in one or two hour sessions that are catered to your experience level, personal needs, and goals.

Guided Range - Pistol W/ Pros

Come shoot with our pro shooters & pistol instructors. The pistol bays will be open and our guides will be available for questions and advice. gets your reps in while getting valuable guidance from the pros.

Pistol I - Fundamentals

a great class for shooters of any skill level aiming to improve their shot placement and comfort with a handgun. If you are newer to pistol shooting, this is the best starting place for you.

Pistol II - Skill Development

Focused on movement & pistol maneuvers, aiming to improve accuracy, speed, and safety. Participants will engage in dynamic drills that cover quick draw techniques, Rapid target acquisition, and effective movement while Handling & shooting a pistol.

Pistol III - Advanced Movement

This unique class delves deep into the psychological aspects of handgun use, emphasizing the importance of mental preparedness, decision-making under pressure, and situational awareness. This course blends theory with practical exercises.

Pistol & Carbine

This class combines pistol and carbine platforms. By adding the complexity of a second weapon system, students are challenged to refine their shooting process and manage additional stress while maintaining situational awareness.

Pistol PT (fitness)

Functional workout paired with guided pistol range designed to increase discipline and efficiency shooting under phsysical stress. Get your endorphins pumping and learn valuable skills that could save your life.

Ladies Pistol Class

The Women's Pistol Course is a specialized training program, tailored to empower women with essential pistol handling, shooting techniques, and self-defense skills. It offers a supportive & fun environment, focusing on firearm safety, practical shooting drills.