Turkey Hunting Class

Come learn the basics of turkey hunting

Turkey Hunting Class


What It Is:

Introduction class into the basics of turkey hunting

what you'll learn:

Everything you need to know to get you ready for your next hunt

Who it's for:


Upcoming Dates:

March 2nd

Required Gear & Equipment:

shotgun, ammo, eye & ear protection




Join us for an informative clinic that will cover the basics of turkey hunting. The classroom topics will include topics such as turkey calls, hunting strategies, and shotguns/choke recommendations. The class will also get to shoot the pattern board and turkey targets. This is the perfect class for anyone looking to get a better understanding into turkey hunting and get some awesome tips from our pros.



March 2, 2024 (10am to 12pm)



$100 per person

(Discounted for members)


*ammo available for purchase at clubhouse