Super Sporting League (April)

Compete for a chance to win a cash prize

Super Sporting League (April)

From: $40.00

What It Is:

EACH DAY WILL CONSIST OF shooting 50 targets for score. the top shooter at the end of each night will be awarded the cash prize and At the end of the series the highest cumulative score will be awarded the gift card.

what you'll learn:

COME COMPETE IN OUR SUPER SPORTING LEAGUE FOR A CHANCE TO WIN a weekly cash prize and a gift card for the top shooter AT THE END OF THE MONTH

Who it's for:

anyone looking to challenge themselves to compete for a chance to win

Upcoming Dates:

April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Required Gear & Equipment:

shotgun, ammo, eye & ear protection




Join us for a 4 week long Super Sporting league which will be held on Thursday afternoons in April!

The cost per shooter will be $50 and $10 of that must be in cash for the cash pot and will include 50 targets shot for score. At the end of each night the top shooter will be awarded the cash prize and at the conclusion of the month the highest overall shooter from the 4 events will be awarded a gift card.



24905 Ranch Rd. 12

Dripping Springs, TX



5pm to 7pm



$50 ($10 must be in cash)

*this event is NOT discounted for members


Ammo and cart rentals available for purchase at clubhouse