Super Sporting Clinic

Get ready for our super sporting league

Super Sporting Clinic


What It Is:

interactive class that will cover the basics of safety and fundamentals of super sporting

what you'll learn:

come learn the basics and fundamentals of the shotgun discipline of super sporting

Who it's for:

anyone looking to gain new skills or get ready for our upcoming super sporting league

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, April 3rd

Required Gear & Equipment:

shotgun, ammo, eye & ear protection




This class is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to gain some new skills or get tuned up for our upcoming super sporting league. The classroom portion of the class will cover all the basics from safety, stance, and mounting. along with an in depth dive into the fun game of super sporting. The group will then transition outside to get go over some advance shooting techniques from our pros who will walk you through 5 different super sporting stations consisting of a total of 50 targets.



$125 per person | Discounted for members

Includes- instruction, 50 targets, golf carts, and water

*ammo available for purchase at clubhouse