Pistol III: Advanced Skill Development

Tactics-based Pistol Training

Pistol III: Advanced Skill Development


What It Is:

In this course we will run a few warm up drills before moving into dynamic scenarios and courses of fire.

what you'll learn:

Topics covered include moving and shooting in a more dynamic environment.

Who it's for:

Designed for Intermediate to advanced shooters who want to refine their skills in a more challenging environment.

Upcoming Dates:

Required Gear & Equipment:

- Semi-automatic pistol (Required)
- Minimum of 300 rounds (estimated) of serviceable pistol ammunition
- Dominant-Side Belt or Paddle Holster (Required)
- Three (3) pistol magazines and 2 magazine pouches (recommended) 2 magazines minimum
- Hearing Protection and Eye Protection (Required)
- Hat with Brim and sturdy shoes
- Clothing appropriate for outdoor range environment and weather conditions
- Water bottle and snacks


Pistol I & II or equivalent training with instructor approval. Please call or email with questions about prerequisites.