Ladies Pistol Class

Safe & fun pistol course for ladies.

Ladies Pistol Class


What It Is:

introduction pistol course tailored to ladies looking to gain some pistol techniques while learning some self defense strategies

what you'll learn:

types and operation of pistols, shooting fundamentals, practice drills, and self-defense principles.

Who it's for:

Ladies looking to learn pistol shooting techniques

Upcoming Dates:

Saturday, January 20

Required Gear & Equipment:

Pistol, 3+ magazines with 15+ round capacity, Shooting belt and holster, Eye & ear protection, ammo


The Women’s Pistol course is a specialized training program, tailored to empower women with essential pistol handling, shooting techniques, and self-defense skills. It offers a supportive and informative environment, focusing on firearm safety, practical shooting drills.


*Free for full-members (discounted for access only)

Required Gear/Equipment:
– Semi-automatic pistol
– Dominant side belt or paddle holster
– Eye and ear protection
– 300 Rounds of ammunition (estimated) 

– Hat with brim
– Sturdy shoes
– Clothing appropriate for outdoor range environment and weather conditions