Intro to Shotgun

Learn Shotgun from World Class Shooters

Intro to Shotgun


What It Is:

Introduction course into the basics of shotgun from functions to shooting techniques.

what you'll learn:

safety, shotgun fundamentals, shotgun components/gauges, fit/mounting, shooting techniques

Who it's for:

beginner shotgun shooters

Upcoming Dates:

February 4 | 3:30 - 5:30 PM

Required Gear & Equipment:

eye and ear protection



Whether you have never shot a shotgun before or just looking to learn more about them this is the course for you. Professional instructors will be teaching the basics of shotguns such as safety, shotgun gauges, shotgun components, operating shotguns, basic shotgun fit/mounting, eye dominance, beginner clay shooting techniques.

The classroom instruction will cover:

  • Shotgun handling & safety
  • Parts of a shotgun
  • Types of shotguns
  • Shotgun equipment and cleaning
  • Gun fit (stance and mount)Basic shooting fundamentals



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  • Ammo
  • Targets
  • Gun Rental
  • Golf Cart
  • Water