Duck Clinic

The perfect tune-up to get you ready for duck season.

Duck Clinic


What It Is:

One day tune-up clinic focused on getting you ready for duck season or helping you wade into duck hunting.

what you'll learn:

Shotgun handling & safety, shooting skills & techniques, hunting strategies & field skills, and real-time evaluation and feedback from our pro shooters and hunters.

Who it's for:

Anyone looking to learn the basics of duck hunting or get a tune-up for the upcoming season.

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday, January 21

Required Gear & Equipment:

- 12ga or 20ga shotgun - Shotgun shells - Gear bag - Eye protection - Ear protection


Some duck hunting experience is helpful but by no means required. Great for beginners to advanced duck hunters looking for a tune up.

The Duck Clinic class is a comprehensive program designed for shotgun enthusiasts preparing for duck hunting. It covers a wide range of topics, including shotgun safety, shooting techniques, duck species and habitats, ethical hunting practices, and effective use of equipment like decoys and calls. Participants will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring they are well-equipped for successful and responsible duck hunting adventures.


Required Gear/Equipment:
– 12ga or 20ga shotgun
– Shotgun shells
– Ear & eye protection
– Gear bag