Buckle Race

Shoot for a chance to win a buckle

Buckle Race


What It Is:

Our buckle race will be spread out over 7 months where each month you can compete for a chance to awesome prizes

what you'll learn:

Come have a good time competing for chance to win a buckle

Who it's for:

Anyone looking to challenge themselves to compete for a buckle or just come out to shoot for fun

Upcoming Dates:

April 6th, May 4th, June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th

Required Gear & Equipment:

Shotgun, ammo, eye and ear protection


None, Come Shoot!


Join us for the 2024 Buckle Race that will consist of a series of 7 shoots. Your lowest score out of the 7 will be dropped, only taking your top 6 into account for the buckle prize. The main event will consist of 100 sporting clays targets for the chance to win a buckle. There is also going to be an additional 5-stand event which will consist of 50 targets where the top male, female, and youth (16 & under) shooters for each day will be awarded a prize. A practice 5-stand will also be available.

*this event will be European rotation & must be in squads of 3 or more



The course will be open from 9am to 4pm (come shoot anytime)



Main Sporting Clays Event: $85

Side 5-Stand Event:  $45

*ammo and cart rentals available for purchase at clubhouse



Main Event (100 Sporting Clays Targets)- Buckles will be awarded to the following places at the end of the buckle race

  • High Overall Female
  • High Overall Male
  • High Overall Youth (16 & Under)

Side Event (50 5-Stand Targets)- Prizes will be awarded to the following places each day 

  • Top Adult Shooter (17 & up)
  • Top Youth Shooter (16 & under)